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Light Up The Beltway is a bit different than other curated Christmas Light sites. We have partnered with the Festive Finder App to provide user curated content. In otherwords, the lights you see on our site are "voted" on by the Festive Finder users! Yes, you can have a say in which houses show up at the top of the list! How? Get out with the family and see the lights! Use the Festive Finder app and rate the lights you visit. The higher the rating and visitor count, the closer to the top your favorites will be!

Don't have time to go out and vote? Do you have some lights you'd like to share with the DMV? Sumbit your information to us via a Google Docs form!


The lights listed below are all found in the Festive Finder app to make it easier for you to travel to these locations. These lights are the top 20 best of the best, all rated at a 4.0 or higher within the app.

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